Strengthening Education


All children can succeed.

This is one of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation's longstanding beliefs. For more than 100 years, we’ve invested in many programs to directly support the learning journeys of children. Early childhood care. Educational programs in and out of the classroom. Summer employment and recreational opportunities. Community-based programming. College access. All play important roles in children’s academic, social and emotional success.

We continue to play a leadership role, through the communitywide education partnership Milwaukee Succeeds — and other efforts — supporting strategies that achieve a shared vision of success for every child in every school by:

  • Quarter 1 - Increasing teacher quality
  • Quarter 2 - Supporting post-secondary education access through ACT preparation
  • Quarter 3 - Supporting third-grade reading proficiency
  • Quarter 4 - Expanding experiential learning opportunities through arts education; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM); and nature-based learning

Recent Grants

UWM Foundation: $35,000 to support stipends for retired urban teachers who will provide coaching to 18 pre-service high school teachers through their first full year in the classroom.

Schools That Can Milwaukee: $30,000 to provide salaries for leadership coaches who will support school leaders in 11 MPS, private and charter schools.

Seton Catholic Schools: $30,000 to support the work of master teachers who will provide coaching, with an intensive focus on reading and math instruction, for classroom teachers in its nine schools.

Teach for America: $30,000 to support coaching of summer school teachers during Teach for America’s seven-week summer institute.

For a complete listing of this quarter’s grants made from our competitive grantmaking process, visit Recent Grants.

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fenceroy1-web.jpgContact Senior Program Officer Jeannie Fenceroy to learn how you can help our community succeed in education.