Strengthening Neighborhoods


Milwaukee can be seen as a tale of two cities. On one hand, it has thriving neighborhoods that are teeming with business activity, well-manicured homes and an active night life. On the other hand, many of its neighborhoods battle high unemployment, boarded-up homes and crime.

Then there are those neighborhoods in the middle — ones that are at a tipping point and whose future could go either way. 

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation has invested in and worked with community development corporations, neighborhood improvement programs and initiatives and local and national groups that are working to strengthening our city’s neighborhoods — no matter what end of the spectrum.

Recent Grants

Jazale’s Art Studio: $25,000 to build the nonprofit's capacity to provide free after school learning opportunities for low-income, youth of color in Harambee, Bronzeville and Riverwest neighborhoods. The goal is to help youth develop their artistic skills and concepts while increasing the opportunity for local artists to share their work through workshops and events.

Layton Boulevard West Neighbors: $20,000 for its efforts to engage a diverse community of neighbors, youth, local artists and property and business owners in an initiative to enhance neighborhood identity, which will result in permanent artwork at two specific corner locations: South 35th Street/West National Avenue and 37th Street/Pierce Street.

For a complete listing of this quarter’s grants made from our competitive grantmaking process, visit Recent Grants.

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