In 2013 we commissioned Vital Signs, a compilation of quality of life indicators, comparing Greater Milwaukee to 15 metro regions across the country. Vital Signs 2013 was used by many community residents and stakeholders to spark conversation and dialogue, and inform the work of nonprofits, businesses, government leaders, and residents.

Vital Signs 2015 shows movement since 2013 regarding our region’s strength, well-being, and vitality. The new report retains many of the same indicators as the 2013 report and compares Milwaukee to the same 15 regions, facilitating analysis and highlighting important trends.

Both reports have provided empirical evidence reinforcing previous studies and years of anecdotal observation that sharp racial and ethnic disparities persist in numerous indicators of regional vitality. We believe that as metro Milwaukee becomes an increasingly diverse region, it is critical to our region’s future strength and vitality that we advance the well-being of all residents. It is incumbent upon all of us to use this powerful information to direct the important work of moving our region forward. We can only accomplish this goal together, and we look forward to working with you to make it happen.


Vital Signs: Benchmarking Metro Milwaukee 2015 (PDF)

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Vital Signs: Benchmarking Metro Milwaukee 2013 (PDF)

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