Strengthening Education

Best Buddies-Wisconsin: $15,000 to support middle and elementary school chapters in Waukesha County to promote authentic friendships between students with intellectual and development disabilities and typically developing students.

Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts: $15,000 to support performances for 9,000 students in kindergarten through high school from both Waukesha and Milwaukee counties. Each production is paired with a supplemental study guide and opportunities for outreach that enrich students’ classroom experiences.

Increasing Economic Opportunities

Food Pantry of Waukesha County: $21,500 to purchase a forklift, heavy duty plastic bins and vinyl baskets on wheels to assist in safe handling of food as it is stored in the pantry warehouse and loaded and unloaded for distribution.

Hebron House of Hospitality: $50,000 to replace the carpeting and subfloor in its Hebron House and Siena House emergency shelters.

The Women’s Center: $20,000 for upgrades to its security system.

For a complete listing of this quarter’s grants made from our competitive grantmaking process, visit Recent Grants.

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