A Milwaukee for All

Guided by our North Star of racial equity and inclusion, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is committed to reimagining philanthropy, catalyzing systems change, convening and following community voice, and building an inclusive culture to transform our region into a Milwaukee for all. 

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As a partner of choice for generous donors, as a champion for our nonprofit sector, as a convener of diverse voices and ideas – we have been woven into the fabric of this region for over 100 years. But our legacy together is just the beginning. We are committed to expanding our table, deepening our impact and innovating for a brighter future where everyone thrives. 

Our 2020-25 strategic plan arose from years of listening and learning with our community, and now we’re calling on our entire community to join us in this generational undertaking. No one can take on a challenge like this alone. It will take all of us — and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is how Milwaukee works together. 

Racial Equity and Inclusion – Our North Star 

Our region’s many assets are the strength upon which, together, we will build a Milwaukee for all. But there is a fault line running through the systems that shape daily life for everyone in our community. Historic and systemic racism has impaired access to opportunity and led to deep disparities that cause ongoing harm to communities of color and prevent all of greater Milwaukee from reaching its full potential. 

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s generational commitment to racial equity and inclusion is at the very center of our practice and priorities, as we act on a scale that engages partners, stakeholders and communities across the region to make historic change. Together, we can repair the fault line of racism and invest in a future where everyone thrives. 

See the Foundation's journey in racial equity and inclusion