Eligibility Guidelines

Who may apply

  • 501(c)(3) organizations and, on occasion, governmental agencies 
  • An organization that is not a 501c3 may be eligible to apply if it is able to secure a fiscal sponsor agreement with an otherwise eligible organization.   View our fiscal sponsor agreement for more information.  
  • Eligible nonprofits must have board membership that is at least 10 percent people of color. The term “people of color” refers to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans and all other persons who are not categorized as white 
  • Organizations that provide programs/projects that support Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties 

Type of funding available 

  • Project support 
  • General operating support 
  • Capital support 

What the Foundation does not fund 

  • Individuals 
  • Debt reduction or agency endowments 
  • Sectarian organizations for religious purposes 
  • Partisan political activities 

Evaluation criteria  

Beyond the due diligence that is standard across all grants, proposals are evaluated on the racial equity impact of these components:

  • Relative impact: the extent to which grant dollars meet community needs, develop capacity, build narrative power, etc. 
  • Representation: cultural and actual power of global majority populations enduring the systemic concentration of disadvantage
  • Power: the capacity to execute strategy, control resource flows, make decisions, govern the narrative, etc. (i.e., the devolution of hierarchical decision-making to community leadership, leveraging positionality to effect collective action, demonstration of anti-racist organizational development, political enfranchisement, policy advocacy, cultural programming, etc.)
  • Policy: the policies, processes, organizational development and norms that instill meaning and structure our way of being 
  • Solidarity and collaboration: among service providers and community in their sector/work 
  • Advocacy: policy efforts, including anti-racist organizational development and external efforts, which transform influence in their sector/work
  • Racial health disparities: including effective interventions that are disproportionately underfunded

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