Community Wellness

Through investments in mental health, physical health, basic needs and medical research, among other areas, the Foundation is working to advance the well-being of the entire community.  


Certain populations face systemic barriers and inequities when it comes to accessing health care and basic needs. These disparities can be based on factors such as race, ethnicity, income, gender and geographical location. By actively working to eliminate these disparities, we can create a system that is fair and just.  


  • Convene and follow community voice: The just and equitable inclusion of all Black, Indigenous and people of color in creating their individual and communal well-being.
  • Catalyze systems change: Build authentic power and representation in communities enduring racial disparities and facilitate new approaches to producing fair and just health outcomes.
  • Reimagine philanthropy: Efficient, community focused distribution of available grant dollars to meet immediate community needs while addressing root causes of inequality
  • Build inclusive culture: Provide accountability, transparency, and community-led collaboration. Foster healing and belonging.


  • Aging and older adults 
  • Basic needs 
  • Environment 
  • Healthy birth outcomes 
  • Mental health  
  • Physical health 


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Recent investments  

Visit Recent Grants for a listing of this quarter’s grants made from our competitive grantmaking process to advance community wellness in the region.  

Funding opportunities  

To apply for a grant from our general grant cycle, visit our Grantseekers page.  


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Donors can help advance the well-being of the community by starting a fund or leaving a legacy.

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