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Everyone needs a dignified, affordable home. Housing is a major building block of life, health and wealth: the foundation on which people can pursue and achieve their goals, build stronger, more stable communities and build generational wealth. When people can’t afford safe, affordable housing, they are forced to make difficult choices that impact their health, their community connections, their children’s educational opportunities and their financial lives.

Unfortunately, Milwaukee stands at the well-documented center of the national housing crisis.  Too many people struggle with eviction, rising rents that threaten their financial security and prices that make home ownership an increasingly unattainable ideal. These challenges are compounded for Black and Brown communities already hindered by decades of intentional and racist policies and practices.

That’s why the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is a founding member of the Community Development Alliance—a collection of funders, neighborhood-based organizations, community leaders and public officials—and why we are rallying our donors and stakeholders to join us in moving forward a unified housing strategy.


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Read the Housing Priority Case for deeper information on our vision.

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"Housing is at the root of everything we do. If your basic needs aren't met, it affects every other facet of your life including education and health." Janel Hines, Greater Milwaukee Foundation Vice President, Community Impact

Your gift to the Housing Fund can support a citywide housing strategy, with a specific focus on increasing availability and affordability of housing options, preventing displacement and eviction, and increasing homeownership and home improvement opportunities for families across Milwaukee.

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